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There was once a time when your words might have hurt
like salt below my skin.
But the heart grows callous through many aches and
befriends the pain once cursed.
The shell that guards my soul is yours from senseless
mental pricking.
I should be angry but cannot feel.
So harsh is my reward.

Sorry I didn't call you back Savannah, I got your message really late last night and then forgot about it today. If you want to post picture I suggest you open an account at photobucket.com and upload your images to their site. Then you can either just paste the code onto your journal entry or put it behind an lj cut.

A word of advice; to make sure you are using the correct code, always "Preview before you Post"
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Just thinking

It was a long arduous day, but now it's done. Glad to be coming home. But there's something else there too... Sadness?

I wish there were someone to come home to...

We haven't met yet but I miss you terribly.

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Love and Sex With Your Friends by dannygrl0129
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You Wish...

I hate when people don't do their jobs...

Okay, I just realized that even though I took the time to go back to Durant and speak to Mrs. Rudes (GAG ME!), she didn't even bother to send the transcripts she ASSURED me she would send THAT DAY!

So now I have to go back and I'll probably just do it myself to make sure it gets done.

She sent the councelor recommendation (I'm assuming because UCF doesn't say that it's missing). She just didn't bother to pair it with the transcripts I had already had printed out for her.


By the way, you guys may have known this already but Mrs. Bowden is the principal now...

Poor kids...
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I'm a big kid now (bum bum)

Pee Test Lady: Okay, don't flush the toilet, don't wash your hands, pee in the cup.

Me: What was that last one again?

Pee Test Lady: Pee in the cup.

Me: OK thanks, I always forget that part.

(A moment passes)

Me: Um, Excuse me.

Pee Test Lady: Yeah?

Me: How much do you need?

Pee Test Lady: Did you get any out at all?

Me: Yeah, but not much.

Pee Test Lady: Let's see.

(She pour the 'stuff' into a smaller vial until it passes a small line.)

Pee Test Lady: (excitedly) WOOHOO! Alright! You made it! Congratulations!

Me: Uhh, thanks...
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It's been a while...

Had an interview at Wal-mart today(or yesterday). I think I'll get it. If not I may just hang myself with my guitar strings. I don't have anywhere left after this. Maybe 7-11 is hiring...

Why is there in every family only one or two people who try to make everyone happy and the others just don't even care?

Why do people think it's okay to kill an unborn baby but not to kill an adult?

Why do people think it's okay to kill an adult but not an unborn baby?

Why does seem like any time you have to make a choice between only two things you always seem to be choosing the lesser of two evils?

Why do we settle for not good enough?

Why do I hate that which I love and love that which I despise?

Why would you ask someone on a date and then never speak to them again?

Why should I care?

When will I find that which I seek?

Why do only liars become politicians?

Why do we believe them?

Why do we live in a world where a person can spend their entire lives unhappy because they are afraid of who they are.

On a lighter note:

Your Boobies' Names Are: Bert and Ernie

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Which cult classic badass are you? by rook901
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What ranDOM movie quote are you? by merenwen_ruby
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Didn't see that coming...


New Aged/Wiccan
An it harm none, do as ye will. You are a fluffy bunny. You wouldn't harm a fly. Actually, you might demonstrate to SAVE the flies! Than again, you're probably busy casing love spells, using a psychic talent, being a Vegetarian or trying to save the Rainforests. Either way, you're harmless.

Oh, Well...

Sorry about the whole beach thing Kathryn. I hope you feel better, soon. I was kinda disappointed but I'll get over it. I really wanted to show you all how hot I am in a bathing suit.


You guys all remember the chubby Ben but I've been really working out. Ask Savannah. Anyway, I figure that since you missed it at the beach I'd try to cheer you up by posting here instead. Enjoi!

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